Marina Vesić

Contemporary composer

About Marina

Marina Vesic (aka Black Marine) – award winning songwriter, classically trained composer and orchestrator

She is active as a pianist and multimedia performer as well, and collaborates with artists from around the world. Her active collaborations include composers/ performers from England, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Indonesia…etc.

Vesic has written compositions across a wide range of musical styles. After finishing a post-graduate studies at ELAK (electro-acoustic composition), she had a world premiere with her electronic piece ✶Major Tom✶ at The Institute STEIM in Amsterdam. With her Opera ✶Sea of Moons✶ she got a premiere at the Festival of Contemporary Music in Jakarta in 2014. In the same year she performed her multimedia project ✶The Perfect Rose✶.

With her collaborative tracks ✶Black Tears✶ and ✶Hope✶, she got a premiere play on BBC Tees with Bob Fisher during 2017 and 2018.

Her Debut CD ✶What If✶ has been published with the German label Mensch from Cologne, Germany.

Currently Ms Vesic is engaged in PhD studies at The University of Music and Performing Arts, Institute of Popular Music, IPOP, Vienna, Austria.

She is a member of : (IGNM)/ ISCM/ SIMC, ÖKB (Österreichischer Komponistenbund)

Her music is available on all digital stores.

Interview with composer Marina Vesic @ Dark Wave Radio Athens, hosted by DJ Taurunum