Marina Vesić

Contemporary composer


•    The Ship- electro-acoustic music with UK composer Clay Gold (2011)
•    Konnyek for piano and percussion, 5 Albums with UK Composer Julian Broadhurst (2012./2013)
•    Hima, Long Road to Delta, Plastrings, LIFE, HUTAN, for piano and electronics with Indonesian composer Septian Dwi Cahyo (2014)
•    Half meaning, Wind of Darkness, for piano and electronic music with Hugo Paquete, Portugal (2013)
•    Album The Perfect Rose which contains 24 pieces for piano and voice in collaboration with Danish artist Bo Gorzelak Pedersen (2011)
•    Profusion Sounds Machine – collaboration with French film director Mar Glaz (September 2013)
•    Trn u oku – collaboration with hc band Scarps, Serbia (2007)
•    Live electronic performance – collaboration with Austrian composers Paul Gruendorfer and Tobias Liebetseder (2014/15)
•    Balkan Dances LP – with UK composer Keith Whitham (2015)
•    Elegant Culture – with Canadian band Meter Bridge (2016)
•    Bolero Bleed Composite – with AkA Musik, Henri Sizaret (2016)
•    Waiting To Be Known – as a part of call for works 7 Note Challenge