Marina Vesić

Contemporary composer


2018 August 26th

On 26th August, see the release of the new EP “Enchanted” by Black Marine. Avant-garde music, an EP which contains 5 compositions.



9th June, multimedia project THE PERFECT ROSE

Culture Center Belgrade, POP UP, 20 p.m

Supported by Ministry of Culture Serbia

15th October, Author’s Evening

duo 2 TOTEMS­

Kolarac Music Gallery, 18 p.m.

Belgrade, Serbia

30th October, Electro-acoustic performance in Vienna, Austria

Transporter bar
Kettenbrueckegasse 1
1050 Vienna

Collaboration 3 composers: ELAK Wien, Marina Vesic, Paul Gruendorfer and Tobias Leibetseder.


Marina’s mini Opera ” SEA OF MOONS” was premiered at The Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2014. November 26th

Words of composer

“For about 3 years I am working with librettist Bo Gorzelak Pedersen and I found his poems very interesting and unusual. How to say, provocative. Sea of Moons was a challenge to work on. The story is about LIFE of one Transvestit. Everything what we think, see, feel… is inside us. Its like a mirror; how we see us, our life; how we see “Others” and how we accept them. The main subject is based on a psihological moment which the main actor is dealing with.”

Many thanks to my librettist Bo Gorzelak Pedersen (Denmark)

World premiere will be at Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, on November 26th.”


Utari Isfandini – piano
Hana Azizia – sopran
Titis San – tenor