Black Marine & Morgan King started their collaboration in Vienna, after their live concert Inception in Black, on 30th January 2020 @ Café Kreuzberg. Morgan King is a Grammy Award Winning, English singer, songwriter and record producer. Marine plays his songs and arranges them on piano. She is also a part of his project Obiman, where she composes and orchestrates for the same. More info on:

Your Ghost, a musical duo, formed in Janury 2019 together with singer and song-writer Jude Rawlins. Marina plays and arranges his songs.

Profusion Sounds Machine, project by composer Marina Vesić and film producer and sound designer Mar Glaz from Paris, a collaboration that began in early 2013. The project explores electro acoustic sound, paired with innovative, experimental expressions of the visual arts. The experimental films of Mar Glaz coalesce with the music of Marina Vesić to create a new form of expression in the arts.

The result is unusual, surprising, and without precedent – an audio visual performance based on experimental music through improvised electro acoustic expression. The sudden and unexpected results are evocative. World premiere was at Culture Center Belgrade, Artget Gallery, September 2013.

The Perfect Rose multimedia project by composer Marina Vesić, in collaboration with Danish writer and painter Bo Gorzelak Pedersen and film producer Marcelo Fontes from Brazil, premiered at Culture Center of Belgrade, POP UP, June 2014 with support of Republic of Serbia Ministry of Culture and Information.

“Collaboration with Bo emerged from the need to merge different forms of art. When I first met with his paintings and poems, poem The Perfect Rose inspired me to compose music in his works of art. Idea was that combining image, text and sound as a result to get something completely different and original. Follows the sound of the picture, the picture follows the poems, it’s such a cohesion that is in constant motion, and the expression is very contemporary. Using electronics and voice together with Bo, the sound gives a completely new dimension where it has a completely different world. This is a project that strives for new views of expression in art. Live performance gives us a completely different picture. Moving from the range from film, through pictures, poems, and a very contemporary sounds, this form of expression in the art reflects my views of the times in which we live.”
 Marina Vesić

“The Perfect Rose is a poetry/sound/images multimedia project done by Serbian composer Marina Vesic in collaboration with Danish writer and painter Bo Gorzelak Pedersen. The project is centered around a group of what is essentially love poems with Ms. Vesic’s music as a meditation on the words – and Mr. Pedersen’s paintings reflecting on the music. The project is a combined and international effort proving how international cooperation can enrich not just individual artists but also – and more importantly – those of us who enjoy new art.”
 Bo Gorzelak Pedersen

“The project invites to simulate and create a world (machine) in which images, visual and sounds acts, are live, like invisible creatures” – Marcelo Fontes

2 TOTEMS avant grade, post punk duo for piano and drums was formed in 2006 together with drummer Zlatko Petković. Together they had performed music at different venue and festivals, tv shows and exhibitions. Duo was a logical extension of their collaboration in the punk band the Scarps, in which Vesić was a member of the group between 2006 – 2008. 2 TOTEMS deals with contemporary art music with a hint of sophisticated experimental sound. Creating compositions for the duo, Vesić was inspired by the underground scene as well as the strong influence of punk.
Significant concert they had at The Kolarac Hall, in the Music Gallery on November 2012, which was declared for a concert of the year 2012 by the internet journal PLASTELIN. As unusual and original duo they were invited to present music in the most watched and most distinguished show that deals with classical music in Serbia “Sunday evening” with Mr. Dejan Djurović.

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